Haiti Essential Oil Co., SA
Les Cayes - Haiti

This is our Vetiver Oil production plant located in Les Cayes, the heart of the Vetiver producing region on the southwestern peninsular of Haiti. While it may appear aged, it still has the capacity of producing a good quality, Pure and Natural Vetiver Oil. Like other Haitian Vetiver Oil exporters, we also buy oil from other local producers/distillers when we cannot produce sufficient quantity to meet our demands.

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HEOCO Facilities

Haiti Essential Oil Co., SA
Port-au-Prince - Haiti

This is our Lime Oil production plant and Warehouse & Shipping facility located in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Goods are delivered, bulked, weighed and stocked here, while waiting to be shipped to our customers. We can usually ship goods within 1 week after receiving our customers' orders - barring and unforeseen delays.


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